Grief affects us all at some stage, but it’s not always that easy to talk about. 


The Good Mourning podcast is hoping to change that by creating a modern platform to openly discuss what loss is like, with honesty and humour.


We're your hosts, Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn. Both in our early thirties, we lost our mums unexpectedly within the last year, joining “The Club” that nobody wants to be part of.

It was through this shared experience that we became friends, and this podcast was born. 

We want to shine a light on what grief is like, by interviewing interesting people to hear how the experience has shaped their lives. We’ll cover it all: the highs, lows...and the funny bits in between.


The aim of this podcast is to open up the conversation around grief and provide comfort for others who’ve experienced loss, or be a helpful resource for those supporting someone who is going through a difficult time.


Together, we can make the topic of grief a little more open and less awkward.